Jewel's News - April 2018

Happy Spring Everyone!! Now bring on the sunshine☀️ 

It's been a busy few years and it's time for an update at Jewels Hair Studio.


Chu Chu and I have been busy in the salon and chasing Lukas around. Can you believe Lukas is 4 years old!! The past few years have flown by and we've been having a lot of fun:)


We are so exited to be welcoming our next little bundle of joy this month. A baby sister for Lukas! Our whole family is soooo excited. Only a few more weeks to go!!



2017 had its ups and downs. Finding out I was pregnant was So exciting, but then feeling so sick during the first 3 months kept me from being able to be do hair and be in the salon. Then I was in Vegas, on October 1st, and found myself surrounded by terror during the biggest mass shooting in the U.S. history. The most terrifying experience of my life. Then my appendix burst a week before Christmas, and being nearly 6 months pregnant at the time, this was a scary thing to go through. Baby and me came out of surgery just fine, but I had a long recovery ahead of me. We are both doing well now and it won't be long until I am able to hold her in my arms. Needless to say, 2017 is a year I will never forget.

February was Jewels Hair Studio's 6 year anniversary!!!

Can you believe it????


Being able to work from home and have my family close by has been the best thing ever. I know Lukas puts a smile on everyone's face when he graces us with his presence. Handing out chocolates or bringing you a tomato from his garden, I know he's going to miss seeing you all as well.

I'm not sure when I plan on returning back to the salon. Time will tell. Lukas will start kindergarten in the fall and then I'll see how things go from there. I'll be in-touch again once little miss arrives. But I won't officially know my date of return until the fall.


Here are the stylist I recommend you see while I'm on maternity leave:

Chau  |  250-516-7123 Chaubella's Salon (
Dwane or Caitlin  |  250-381-4247 Atmosphaire (


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