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Jewel's Hair Studio is the hidden jewel in Gordon Head. The studio is located in a serene and peaceful setting, nestled away on half an acre of land. It is a place to come and unwind, sit back and simply relax.


The studio’s main focus is you. Especially if a little you-time is what you need, and expert advice is what you seek.


Jewel's Studio is not a typical home-based salon. It is a detached studio overlooking the pastoral landscape of the historic Wenman Residence. You’ll experience the love and care that has gone into creating this special haven. When you arrive, you’ll be treated to a cup of tea from the tea bar and seated in a comfy chair. Enjoy the scenery and let the busyness of the day drift away. We have plenty of hair and fashion magazines to inspire you. Feel free to take time and reflect on what’s important to you and your personal style.


Visit Jewel's Studio and check out all that is offered.


Julia is one of Victoria’s highly demanded stylists and she enjoys nothing more than to spend time perfecting her art. She has been trained all over the world including New York, London, Toronto, Seattle, Las Vegas and Vancouver to say a few. Julia is proud of the work she does and loves to bring out the best of what she sees in her clients. Julia is sought out by clients of all ages and she is known for taking the time to listen. She believes that consultation is the most important part of the hair cut.


Julia started working beside her mom, a local professional stylist, at a young age. As she got older, she decided to venture out her own. Her training was started in Victoria and continued elsewhere. She has had the pleasure of working at a local Victoria salon for nearly 8 years before venturing out on her own. With over 14 years of experience and a great eye when it comes to hair and fashion; Julia is the proud owner of Jewel's Hair Studio.


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